Add Guardian Savings to Your Home Screen

Directions to add a Web-App to your home screen

Guardian Savings is currently a web-app and not accessible from an app store. However, you can make it appear like one of your apps. Below are the steps for how to add a bookmark to your home screen for apple devices (iOS)! If you’re on android, the steps are similar, but here is a guide.



  1. Open the web-app in Safari

  2. On the bottom bar of the browser, select the “do-more” button (looks like an arrow leaving a square)

  3. A menu of options will come up from the bottom. On the bottom row of options, swipe left until you see “Add to Home Screen”. This is normally the 6th option.

  4. You can name the app whatever you want. Select “Add” in the top right corner to finish adding Guardian Savings to the Home Screen!