A better way for families to learn personal finance

Raise financially responsible children with Guardian Savings

Guardian savings is a digital piggy bank that gives kids more practice with money and helps parents teach principles like the value of saving and concepts like interest.

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Let’s Demystify Personal Finance Together

Teaching personal finance can be confusing. Guardian Savings is here to help:

  • Teach basic banking and personal finance concepts

  • Coach children how to think about income/spending

  • Reward savvy behavior


— How it works —


Guardian Savings is a digital piggy bank

The app serves as a record keeper for you and your child to track their money. Any deposit or withdrawal is logged in the app and you’ll NEVER have to link a real financial accounts.  



Coach your kids with analytics and rewards

Use our income/spending analysis page as a valuable coaching tool. Parents can also set a custom interest rate for the child’s account to reward savings.



Easy access and parental control

Parents can approve, deny, or edit any transactions their child submits. Guardian Savings is a web-app and is accessible on any device that has internet - you can even add our app to your phone’s home screen, using this trick.


— Benefits —

  • Empowers your child become comfortable with the mechanics of money  

  • Facilitates conversations between you and your child about about personal finance

  • Introduce children to complex financial concepts such as compounding interest and opportunity cost


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