Our Vision:

To equip children with the personal finance skills needed to succeed as adults.

When your child knows what to do with their first paycheck, our job is done.

Our mission is to use games and real life practice to instill positive habits and core financial know-how in children. Schools often do not have personal finance education and if they do, it is limited to theory. This means parents are left to teach their children how to spend, save and invest. But where do you start?

Guardian Savings provides a guiding hand to help you keep track of your children’s’ money (allowances, birthday money etc) and enable your to coach your kids towards responsible behavior through incentives and analytics tools.

Our goal is to expand our lessons into a curated library where you can go to for help with any given milestone. For example, if your child wants to save for a car, we’ll help your child goal planning,  car payment options, and the conversations that should happen between parent and child. We want to demystify financial decision making and help you and your children make smart choices that will serve you well today and into the future.

Our future interface will evolve with the development of your child

As your child develops, the app will develop as well. Vocabulary will get harder; “Put money in” will become “Deposit”. Simple bar charts will become more complex line charts. Additional modules will be added to your child’s navigation, like taxes and investments. Interface changes will happen according to a schedule created by experts but changeable by parents so that you can accelerate, slow down, or withhold lessons as you see fit. We seek to empower parents to control what and when their children are learning, so that the lessons are developmentally appropriate and in-line with your parenting vision.

Help us get to the future!

There are several things you can do to help us achieve our vision of teaching K-12 financial literacy and habits.

  • Help us get more users! Share our website with your friends and family.

  • Get involved and join our team!

  • Share your ideas with what you think we can do better and what our future features should be - email us at support@guardiansavings.org