A better way for families to learn personal finance

We help parents teach financial responsibility

Guardian savings is a banking interface with educational benefits. With our app, your child is guided towards smart habits and has access to their savings whenever they are with you, giving them more practice - and practice makes perfect! Ages 6+


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Let’s demystify personal finance education together

Teaching personal finance can be confusing. Guardian Savings is here to help:

  • Teach basic banking and personal finance concepts

  • Coach children how to think about income/spending

  • Reward savvy behavior, like delayed gratification

We want to help you help your children so that they do not become one of the 50% of Americans that cannot afford an emergency


— How it works —


Guardian Savings is a digital piggy bank

Functionally, no money is actually stored in the app: it is simply an interface to keep track of how much your child gives or takes from you. You are effectively The Bank of Mom and Dad! All you need is an email to create and use a Guardian Savings account.



Change your child’s behavior with analytics and rewards

The design and features encourage smart habits like delayed gratification, needs vs wants differentiation, and better prioritization. For example, use our income/spending analysis page as a valuable conversation starter for reflection! Parents can also set a custom interest rate for the child’s account to further reward savings.



Easy access and parental control

With the Guardian Savings app, kids have access to their savings whenever they are with you and can use any device that has internet. Parents can approve, deny, or edit any transactions their child submits from a parent area.


All you need is an email

  • Empower your child become comfortable with the mechanics of money  

  • Have better conversations with your children about about their earning and spending

  • Introduce your children to complex financial concepts such as compounding interest and opportunity cost