Features Overview

Guardian Savings uses technology to uniquely teach personal finance in a way that your child is not getting from your bank or at school. Our technology helps your child learn the financial literacy they need to succeed as an adult and develop positive financial habits that will last a lifetime.

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Unique financial products to incentivize good habits

Telling your child they should wash their hands because it prevents sickness works well, but telling them that they will get a reward at the end of the week if they wash their hands consistently works even better. We all respond to incentives and our platform helps you deploy the right incentives so that your child learns to delay their desire for instant gratification and take a long term, disciplined approach to their savings.



Learning path is reflection of child’s growth and life milestones

We introduce concepts, vocabulary, and principles that are appropriate and relevant to your child. When they are in early elementary, we emphasize saving, the opportunity cost of spending, and basic economic concepts like scarcity, and the difference between wants and needs. As your child grows, we introduce more advance concepts, such as budgeting and investing. We scaffold a range of personal finance concepts so your child will approach each economic milestone with confidence (their first job, opening their first credit card, making retirement contributions, etc). There is something your child should be learning every year of their development.



Interactive technology tailored specifically for children

Our user interfaces are designed specially for children and reflective of the age and growth of the user. Unlike joint accounts at major banks whose interfaces are built for adults, you will find that your child will be able to understand the graphs and charts that we present them. Furthermore, the charts become more complex as your child grows so that by the end of the learning journey with Guardian Savings, they are adept at reading financial charts.  



Parental controls for customized learning path and exposure

You are in full control of your child's learning and can accelerate or decelerate the default learning path based on their growth. You can also turn off features, like insurance or investments based on what you want your child to learn. Whatever your parenting preference, Guardian Savings can meet your needs.